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Whitby is home to many specialist events such as 60's music w/e, Goth weeks, Folk Week, Gospel w/e, Linedancing w/e, Live Music, Whitby Regatta etc.

Here is a list of comming Events (It is advisable to confirm events with Tourist Information 01723 383636)

Event Start End
Easter 06-Apr-12 09-Apr-12
Scooter W/E 06-Apr-12 08-Apr-12
Goth W/E 26-Apr-12 30-Apr-12
Line Dancing W/E 11-May-12 13-May-12
Gospel Music Convention (Pavillion) 18-May-12 20-May-12
Bank Holidays 01-Jun-12 04-Jun-12
60's W/E 15-Jun-12 17-Jun-12
50's W/E 22-Jun-12 24-Jun-12
Northern Soul Music W/E 06-Jul-12 08-Jul-12
Whitby Regatta 17-Aug-12 20-Aug-12
Whitby Folk Week 17-Aug-12 24-Aug-12
Country Music W/E 14-Sep-12 16-Sep-12
60's W/E 28-Sep-12 30-Sep-12
Bram Stoker Film Festival 26-Oct-12 28-Oct-12
Goth W/E 01-Nov-12 06-Nov-12